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2005-07-19 - 10:36 a.m.

quick hello

I know, I know. I�ve been terrible at updating lately (uh� make that over the last 11 1/2 months). This is a rare moment of relative peace at my abode: Baby is sleeping, the 2 girls are in the living room, one watching TV the other playing cards with her friend who came to stay for a few days from Ottawa, and me sitting at the kitchen table trying to get organized to go to my sister-in-law�s this afternoon with the 4 kids. Geeks will meet us after work for a swim and some supper. Funny, it is a bit crazy around these parts especially since Red1 (that�s the oldest) has a friend here, but it�s also really fun and nice to be a full house. The first week was really stressful for me (the kids are here for 3 weeks), but I got into a rhythm and I let most things slide, as long as no one is in any major pain and no one is left out everything else can be shrugged off. The intense heat wave has not been very helpful, however, and I am sure at night with 4 girls sharing 1 bedroom it is neither the coolest nor the most comfortable sleep. But they are managing without any complaints.

The baby is not really a baby anymore now that she stands at a little more than 2 1/2 feet and seems to weigh well over 20 lbs (that�s around 75-80 cm and about 10 kg for you metric folk). She�s not walking on her own yet, but uses all the furniture to her advantage while getting around. When there is nothing to hold onto, she can side-crawl like nobody�s business, man she�s fast. She has still only 2 teeth at the bottom (sigh) and always has a host of bruises on her forehead but she�s really exploring her world and loving it. She learned to play peekaboo herself the other day, she sort of covers her face with her hands (fingers open wide so she can actually always see you) and quickly takes them away with a big grin. We say �peekaboo!� and she starts again. Quite adorable actually.

Anyway, back to the happy chaos that is my home and life these days. I actually feel very lucky :)

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